A Landmark for the Gold: The Sungai Kebun Bridge

As a Lumapas native and resident, the completion of the Sg Kebun Bridge has great personal significance. It means cutting down my travel time to and from major Brunei-Muara hot spots. Thank you and congratulations to the Government of His Majesty for the construction of this major (infra)structure and milestone.

On the outside diving in: Why dive in Brunei?

With the plethora of tourist places in Southeast Asia, it is easy to overlook Brunei as a possible dive destination yet the dive scene among the locals and expats in Brunei alone is gaining considerable traction.
As a Bruneian citizen who also spent half her life growing up abroad, I believe that I can help balance out facts and preconceived notions by answering some questions that I usually get about Brunei and diving in this Sultanate. I will continue to do my best to acquaint readers with the country, first with its underwater gems and the dive community.