Saturday night fervor

So taking Dad’s boat to view the decorated boats and floats procession and fireworks display was the best idea ever. Departure from home: 7.00pm, Arrival (BSB): 7.45pm, Traffic: none, Population: 10 on the manifest, Visibility: up close and rockin’ . We got so close to the action – like 20 feet away from the floats and felt the vibration from fireworks creating waves and rocking our boat. That night definitely ended with a bang for all those on board the Rezeki.

Golden Occasion for All

5th October 2017: Joined in on witnessing history-in-the-making, alongside close to 100,000 strong who were overwhelmed with patriotism. Congratulations to His Majesty for the 50 years reign and resulting progress and development. So much has been achieved leading up to the day. Daulaut Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik!

A Landmark for the Gold: The Sungai Kebun Bridge

As a Lumapas native and resident, the completion of the Sg Kebun Bridge has great personal significance. It means cutting down my travel time to and from major Brunei-Muara hot spots. Thank you and congratulations to the Government of His Majesty for the construction of this major (infra)structure and milestone.

On the outside diving in: Why dive in Brunei?

With the plethora of tourist places in Southeast Asia, it is easy to overlook Brunei as a possible dive destination yet the dive scene among the locals and expats in Brunei alone is gaining considerable traction.
As a Bruneian citizen who also spent half her life growing up abroad, I believe that I can help balance out facts and preconceived notions by answering some questions that I usually get about Brunei and diving in this Sultanate. I will continue to do my best to acquaint readers with the country, first with its underwater gems and the dive community.